Is awesome.

It’s safe to say I am very much a yuppie (young urban professional) these days, and I am A-OK with fitting the stereotype. I love my job, I love the city I live in and I love the people I surround myself with. Life is great, which is why I am so confused when I hear recent grads, or about to be grads talk about the fear of the “real world”. From my point of view the real world is awesome.

It’s Not Scary – Unless You’re Unprepared

Remember when you would have a presentation or test in class, and you would freak out because you were not prepared – but other days you did come prepared and your confidence was sky high? This is a lot like the real world. In my opinion if you are scared, that just means you haven’t worked hard enough to put yourself into a confident position. Coming out of school I had no idea what I wanted to do, but that didn’t mean I was scared of what was out there. I knew I had the skills to become successful, and find a job that I would love. It’s only when you try to cram, and then settle for a C- when the real world becomes a scary place.

You study even more.

My dad has always reminded my siblings and I to “never stop learning”, and recently this idea has really sparked. Real world learning is so much better than classroom learning. Think about it. No teachers, no homework and you can study whatever the hell you want. No more general education courses or liberal professors preaching about the corrupt government.

You can start reading for fun and about things you are actually interested in. Not a big reader? Jump on Netflix  watch a documentary and learn a thing or two. Just because you are out of a classroom setting, does not mean you stop learning. I am a big believer of learning through experience and real life situations, and believe it or not the real world is full of real life situations.  I would argue you learn more, and learn faster in the real world.

It’s fun. A lot of fun.

If your excuse for not having fun before was studying for class, that excuse is over. There is no reason for you not to seek out activities that you enjoy. The world is filled with fun and exciting things, but it is on you to find them. We are young, care free and do not have the responsibilities of a wife or kids just yet, so lets enjoy it! If you are not enjoying your real world, the only place to point the finger is in the mirror.

So what are you waiting for? Go out and enjoy the Real World!

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joe anhalt
Joe Anhalt currently lives in Chicago, Illinois working full time as a Copywriter and Creative Content Strategist for SpotHero. You can connect with him on Google+Twitter, and Facebook