The Future of Comedy

June 25, 2012 By Archives, Comedy

It’s been almost a year in China, and some of the grooviest (yes I used the word grooviest) things I have been a part of lie in the rapidly growing Shanghai comedy scene.  I have had the privilege of being part of the premier improv group The Peoples Republic of Comedy, and have also been developing my stand-up voice thanks to open mic nights hosted by Kungfu Komedy.  With the comedy scene still relatively new here in SH, everyone is so helpful of one another and anxious to bring out the best.  Still new to the comedy world, it has truly been a great experience.

Being surrounded by so much comedy has inspired me to see what else is out there, and every day I am amazed by all the talent.  While there are many TV shows, podcasts, stand-up routines, and improv groups that I have recently discovered, I wanted to talk specifically about a new TV show that is developed from a podcast called Comedy Bang Bang.

Comedy Bang Bang is the brain child of Scott Aukerman, who was a big part in the development of the hit Funny or Die series “Between Two Ferns”, starting Zach Galifianakis.  I must say…when I first started watching B2F, I had them on re-peat for about three weeks.  Here is one episode below if you have yet to experience the genius.

Originally a long form podcast, Comedy Bang Bang takes an interesting twist on the typical talk show format.  There is still the host, there are still guests, along with a house band, but everything is just a bit different.  Infusing characters, short videos, sketches, a one man band, and anything else that crosses his mind, Aukerman delivers a semi scripted talk show who’s guests are all part of the plan.  With no live audience, there is an added performance feel to the show not seen for years, if ever on a show like this.  Gone are the days of dry and boring banter with someone who is there just to promote his/her upcoming film. Welcome the days of hilarious creative ideas delivered by the funniest people in comedy today.  Just take a look at the list of guests for the first season, and you will quickly realize you gotta have some chops to play in this sandbox.

In my opinion, Comedy Bang Bang is comedy of the future.  Too many times now have we laughed at long pauses, random outbursts for no reason, slap stick, and cheap laughs.  Just watching the first few shows and I can see that smart comedy is starting to get its shot in the spot light.  Thinking differently, and creatively has become the new thing, and Scott Aukerman gets it.  With so much talent out there, it’s exciting to see what the future holds.  Comedy Bang Bang is just the beginning.

You can see Comedy Bang Bang every Friday night at 9PM on the IFC Network.