Chile: first impressions

December 2, 2009 By Archives, Travel

After leaving my house in Normal IL at 9:30am Sunday morning I finally arrived in Santiago, Chile at 10:30 am on Monday. Between the five hour lay over in Miami and eight hour plane ride to Santiago, I was dead tired. Even with a severe lack of sleep, we got started right away with a meeting, and then exploring the city. Right off the bat I noticed that Santiago has many similarities to European cities. The little boutique shops, the food, and the people looked very European. After walking around for a while we showered up and got ready for the night. I ate with some friends in the group at a great steak house and had a huge dinner. The price was about the same when compared to the states, but the food was amazing. After dinner and a call home to mom telling her I made it to Chile, the night really got started. The whole group went out on the town and celebrated our first night in Chile. It was a great night, and even with it only being a Monday night, we made it a party.

Tuesday might have been the longest day ever with a meeting in the morning, and then an activity in the afternoon that took us all around town. I’m pretty sure my feet were falling off towards the end because of the amount of walking we were doing. After we got back around eight, I had just enough time to shower before dinner. Dinner was great again, and the group went out for one drink that turned into three hours of drinking, followed by a small hotel room party. Today was just as busy as the first, and I have barley enough time to write this. Its almost nine which means dinner is coming up, and then out again.

My first impressions of Santiago have been amazing. The food, weather, people, city and culture are all so interesting. Its been a very crazy last three days, but its been great. The next few days are filled with fun stuff, and a weekend in Valparaiso (city on the Pacific coast) is on the way. I know its only been a few days, but I am already planning my return trip.


Until next time.