Hey you, stop going through the motions!

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How to beat the “same shit different day”

Winter is a grueling time. This year has been especially difficult to get through thanks to the likes of Chiberia, and one of the worst winters on record. A winter like this, very few can fight off seasonal depression, even with these dynamite how to fight seasonal depression tips.

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Joking aside, I know we can all get ourselves into the feeling of, “going though the motions”. You get discouraged with yourself and can feel it when it’s happening, but it’s so hard to get yourself out. It’s almost like being awake during a bad dream. You see yourself from a distance and want to shout out for help, but you know you can’t hear.

I am not yet 100% immune to these feelings, but I have found that the following tips help me, and I hope they help you.

Take your ear buds out

Seems easy right? Give it a shot, it’s harder than it sounds. When you take your ear buds out it forces you to look at your day-to-day in a different light. It forces you to respond and reflect to everything happening around you. The ability to hear your surroundings actually helps open your eyes. Deep and cheesy enough for you?

There is a lot of truth to this. Purposely forget your headphones/ear buds one day and test it out. I think you’ll be surprised.

Respond with a sincere and transparent tone

urlHow many times a day do you get asked something along the lines of..

Hey, what’s up? 
And how many times do you respond with the likes of…
Not much, you? 

I do this ALL THE TIME! And it’s starting to annoy me, because it’s just another example of how I am going though the motions. It’s like a broken record. You even ask the question yourslef and know what you will get in return. A generic answer.

My challenge to you, respond with something sincere and transparent, and do not respond with, im good, fine, great, tired, or any other one word response similar to these.

To get you started, here are a few examples.

two people talkingHey, whats up/what’s new?
1. Just hanging out at home trying to decide if I want to watch a netflix movie, or just click through the channels.
2. Work has been good / bad lately because of reason 1 / reason 2.
3. I’m really tired these days because i’ve been doing reason 1 & reason 2, but i’m excited for next week because, reason 1 / reason 2. 

The trick is to be specific, transparent, and actually answer the question. Think about it for a second, collect what you will say, and then say it. It’s harder than it sounds, but once you start responding with a sincere and transparent tone, you will feel a difference and you will start to break out of the every day motions.

Go somewhere new and exciting / take a new route

One of the easiest ways to stop going through the motions is to actually alter your daily route. Do you usually take the train? Try taking the bus. Do you usually take the bus, take the train, or walk! Your body will react and understand that today will be different, breaking you away from the daily routine. This is an easy and fun one.

Taking it a step further, get out of the city! Take a mini weekend trip and see something new and exciting. I’m not talking about a weekend trip to Dublin, just a small trip to the burbs or even a new neighborhood.

A regular experience of something new and exciting can do wonders for the mind and body. Continue stretching your comfort zone, trying new and interesting activities, and last but certainly not least, if you are ever invited to a wig party, you say YES.