Portfolio: Selected Works

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Interior Define Product Launch: Beds

In July of 2017, the marketing and creative teams were tasked with launching a brand new category of product, beds. Both teams came together to strategize, plan, and execute a launch that included a custom landing page, email, and social campaigns. All of these required photos and video assets which were produced and executed in-house; like… literally in our office space :)

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Interior Define Product Launch: The Jasper Sofa

Jasper brought specific challenges that were fun to tackle. The biggest one was the overall size of Jasper. Never before did we have such a large sofa to photograph and bring to life. Thanks to an off-site shoot we were able to display Jasper in a big enough room and really let her breath. This campaign featured a landing page, email, and social campaigns.

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Interior Define Influencer Campaign: Alina Tsvor

During my time with Interior Define, I worked on dozens of influencer campaigns to help raise awareness of our new and growing brand. One of my favorite campaigns was with Chicago based photographer, Alina Tsvor. We collaborated on a series of images within her own space and followed up with a brief interview.

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The Tailored View: Aziz Ansari Op-Ed

The Aziz Ansari news hit me hard. I was such a big fan of his and never thought I would see his names blasted across the headlines. I felt particularly inspired to write a short piece about my thoughts and feelings about Aziz and similar incidents.

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The Tailored View: Light Phone Product Spotlight + Founder Interview

One of my favorite things about writing for the Tailored View is introducing our audience to cool new things. The Light Phone checks all cool new things the boxes. In this short founder interview I dive into the beginning days, the branding behind the product, and what’s to come.

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SpotHero: Fake Parking Tickets on April Fools Day

This one was a lot of fun to make. With a budget of $500 to work with, we printed some fake parking tickets and hired a college film crew to follow us around. This is what happened.

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Dad’s Last Flight

This one is near and dear to my heart. My Dad retired from commercial flying after 42 years. I took a camera along and with the help of a few other iPhone shots put together this short video.

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Landscape Photography: Yosemite, CA

My annual hiking trip took me to Yosemite in the summer of 2016. I loved playing with the scale of the park as a backdrop for portrait shots. We had beautiful weather, which made the photos even more beautiful.

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Urban Photography: Downtown LA

Downtown LA has been booming with culture the past 3-5 years. I had a chance to explore The Broad and the surrounding area on a trip in February of 2016.

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