For the sake of blogging sake I need to post at least once in the month of December. Nothing like the early minutes of the last day of the month and year to get it out. It’ll be short and sweet, and like me – simple.

What I learned in 2012…

  • People above all else make your life what it is. 
  • It’s okay to still be searching for your passion. There is time. 
  • I’m just a kid – and the world is my playground. 

Okay, so this might not be all the things I learned in 2012, but these are the ones that I can remember half asleep writing this. I’m sure we have heard these tid bits thousands of times, but like many other cliches, it never hurts to hear them again.

May your 2013 be bigger and better than 2012 and never forget to keep it simple!