Joe Does Nashville

January 30, 2014 By Archives, Travel

Nashville in a Nutshell

Smoketown USA

Smoketown USA

Nashville was a great weekend getaway from Chicago. Especially during #Chiberia. An 8 hour drive, we even got to stop in Louisville, for some good eaten! If you ever pass through, I highly recommend Smoketown USA. A local mom and pop type shop that has great BBQ, a good beer selection, and free dessert on Fridays! Can life get any better?

The answer is no.

Overall Nashville is a great place for young people. A vibrant night life with the best country music scene in the world, and plenty of cool and groovy places to boot. Pinewood Social is by far one of the coolest places I have been to, but we’ll get there in a sec.

When you hit up Nashville, there are really just a few things you need to do. Visit the holy grail of Country music “The Ryman”, spend a night out on Broadway street and enjoy the live music, and eat some good eats.

Downtown Nashville is a great place to end up, but if you are looking for a pre-game dinner, or a next day brunch, make sure to pass though the Gulch, or the Vanderbilt area. I enjoyed a nice Sunday brunch at Fido, a place I highly recommend.

The Land of Beautiful People

There were a shit ton of beautiful people EVEYWHEWRE. No joke, it seemed like I walked into a J.Crew / Country Flair photo shoot every place I went. Makes sense, as there are thousands of young musicians trying to make it big. What was even better, whoever we ran into, they were great people; very Midwestern / Minnesota nice. Social, and caring people go a long way in a big city. Another plus for Nashville!

Pinewood Social

Pinewood Social

“Hispterville USA” – In no way is this related to Smoketown USA

As soon as I walked through the doors of this spot, I was in love. It was love at first dangling light bulb. One part cafe, one part social hang out spot, one part bar, one part restaurant, and one part vintage bowling ally. Pinewood social literally has it all!

Honestly, I thought I was in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for a second. By the time I actually caught my breath, we were ready to leave, but not after a really great meal and drinks. I would highly recommend checking this place out on your next trip to Nashville. Just a 15 min walk from Broadway street, it is the first of its kind, and appropriate for any time of day. I shall return!

Try These

Pinewood Social: The most hipster place. I was with my people : )
The 5 Spot: Great music venue off the strip. 
Broadway Street: The strip. Live music at nearly every bar
Whiskey Kitchen: Cool and trendy spot. Great selection of whiskey
The Ryman: The mecca of Country Music 
Fido: Brunch spot near Vanderbilt