Key & Peele – Consistent Quality Comedy

December 10, 2013 By Comedy, Cool Stuff

A closer look at the best new sketch show on TV

If you don’t know who I am talking about, go straight to Key & Peele’s site right now to watch, and laugh out loud. These guys have been killing it on Comedy Central for the past 2+ years, and they are not missing a beat. In a world that is dominated by the next best/hottest thing, these guys are pumping out quality comedy every week. It is impressive, and very fun to watch, and I hope they can keep it coming.

A fan of comedy, (read about Comedy Bang Bang, another comedy favorite)I want to take a stab as to why they are successful, and hope that others can follow in their footsteps. Key & Peele make comedy look easy, which is a testament to their talent, and the rest of their team.

1. They keep it simple

As you begin to watch their sketches, you notice that the jokes are very basic. Miss-pronouncing peoples names, or calling out vampires on their wardrobe choices are not groundbreaking ideas, but the execution is flawless. The idea is really online have the battle, executing that idea and making it come to life is the other, and just as important, second half.

2. The production value is really great

Production value is a part of executing the idea, and production value is key. It helps that Key & Peele have Comedy Central behind them, but they seem to do it much better than a lot of other CC shows in the past. ( aka. the Kroll Show) They spare no expense in their production value, and it takes their sketch comedy show to the next level. Check out this spoof on Les Miserable.

3. Key & Peele are great actors

Whether or not they write all of their sketches is beyond my knowledge, but it’s very obvious that the both of these guys are great actors. Talk about execution, Key & Peele take on any character that is on paper, bring it to life, and heighten it to the next level. These guys are professional comedians.

Keep it up. Please!

I know sketch comedy is difficult, and it’s even more difficult when you are asked to pump out new quality content every season, but Key & Peele are doing just that. So my wish you you Key & Peel, KEEP IT UP, please! This show is quickly becoming one of my favorites on TV. Heck I don’t even have Comedy Central so I have to wait till the show has aired and then stream it somewhere online. #Dedication So I hash-tagged in the middle of a blog post, get over it.

Bottom line, these guys are killing it.

Keep killing it Key & Peele.

Enjoy some of my favorite Key & Peel Sketches