6 Tips to Make Your Beautiful Devise Even More Beautiful

You probably don’t have to look around this site much, or if you know me, it’s not hard to know that I appreciate good design. Appreciating good design and being an Apply FanBoy kinda go hand in hand, and I am no different. I love the iPhone, and I love to tweak it as much as I can to make it even better. From beautiful images, to minor details such making all my contacts lowercase type, there is a lot you can do to “customize” your iPhone. Here are my top iPhone Design Hacks!

1. B&W Background

If you have a white iPhone, and you should, then adding a simple black and white background makes your phone look great. Black and white is a classic go-to for those who are not experts in the ascetic field. Take it a step further, and blur it to make your colorful icons pop even more.

b&w iPhone 5

2. Clear Your First Page

You have a beautiful photo as a backdrop, correct? Now lets let her shine by giving here an entire page. Move all your apps to your second page so you start every action with a beautiful photo. Who ever said design was practical?

blank front page

3. No Apps on the Bottom

This might seem a little strange, but it’s a personal favorite. While the iPhone 5 has room for 5 rows, only use 4 of them and leave the bottom one blank. This is where your thumb goes when you swipe. Also, it leaves some space between your apps that are not as important as the stationary ones at the very bottom.

bottom row

4. Lowercase Contact Names / Info

Helvetica Neue looks beautiful in iOS7, and one way to make it look even more beautiful is changing all of your text to lowercase when you have the opportunity. I would start with your most popular contacts (mom). It looks great when they call.


5. Get Rid of Your Notifications

You know those dumb little red dots with your email notifications, missed calls, and tinder matches? Yeah, those are dumb. Get rid of them as soon as you can. I know it can be a challenge to your overachievers, but you can do it! Think of it as a game. How fast can you check email, and update your apps?!

6. Don’t Use a Case

I so badly wanted to write a full post about this, but Mashable beat me to it a few weeks ago (shakes fists in air). I ditto everything the article says, and cannot stress it enough. Apple has created the most beautiful piece of mobile hardware out there. Why hide it behind some ugly OtterBox or terrible case you were gifted for your birthday?

Invest in AppleCare, so if you do have an accident, you do not have to pay an arm and a leg to buy a new one.

Extra: Use cal & any.do

Two of my favorite apps because they are B-E-A-UITIFUL. Both apps are featured in my bottom four shown above. The same maker for both, any.do has a beautiful interface, and great user experience. If you are looking for a new calendar, or trying to organize your to-do list. Look these guys up!

Extra: Get a White iPhone

Trying to decide between white, black, or gold? Let me help.

Get a white iPhone.

It is hands down the best looking one out there. Take a look at Apple and tell me which color they use the most. It’s white. Apple has made it’s living on product and marketing design. They are the professionals of ascetic design and taste, so take it from the pros, and get a white iPhone.