FIRENZE: phl international airport

March 20, 2011 By Archives, Travel

It is 4:30pm Eastern Time and like we always do we are waiting.  Specifically, for the 7:00pm flight to Rome.  For some reason I love being in an airport.  Perhaps it’s the fact that I have logged hundreds if not thousands of hours throughout my life sitting, waiting, standing, and walking around airports.  Give me a five-hour layover, and it feels like five minutes.  Now, after some time in the airport you start to realize a few things about traveling.  First, road rage it nothing compared to travel rage.  People get PISSED OFF very quickly while traveling.  Lets think about it for a second.

  1. Hundreds of people walking around in a mall like setting.
  2. Those people have been running and sweating. (Multiple Layers)
  3. Showers are hard to come by.
  4. You never seem to make the flight on time, or there is a delay.
  5. When you are trying to rush you always get caught behind the slow walkers.


All and all flying is an exhausting experience, but man do I love it.  Looking past the travel rage I have also caught on to a few other standards in the travel world.  Some of the best perks are the shopping and drinking.  When you are walking aimlessly around an airport you feel an urge to BUY BUY BUY and you tell yourself its okay!  This is because you deserve it!  After walking for hours and missing flight connections the best way to cheer yourself up is to buy something completely unnecessary you saw in the sky-mall magazine.  The sky-mall magazine is another story that I just do not want to get into right now.  Also, we cannot forget about the drinking.  It is an unwritten rule that if you are in an airport you can drink no matter what the time, and its okay.  Again, you are walking, sitting, standing, waiting for so long that your body deserves a $8 beer at the Chilies across from your gate.  When you sum it all up airports are glorified theme parks, and I must say, they have the best rides.

Just a few more hours until we push back, and then the real fun begins.