FIRENZE: when in roma

March 30, 2011 By Archives, Travel

After an adventurous car ride from Firenze to Roma we finally made it to our studio we would be staying in.  It was just a block south of the Vatican, and was just right for the four of us.  The decision to drive around Italy proved to be another timely adventure as we had a hard time navigating a map.  Another helpful hint if you are traveling to Europe, and specifically Roma; just rely on public transportation and taxi’s.  The city is over 2000 years old, and it does not take much to realize these cities were not made for cars.  Add in the fact we are all new to the city, and new to the country for that matter, and it makes navigating very difficult.

The late arrival, while unexpected was nice.  We had no choice but to go downstairs (literally below us) and grab a quick bite to eat at an Irish Pub.  Tomorrow would be a day of tourist to the max!

We tried to wake up early…that did not happen, but again I believe it was for the best.  It was around 2pm Roma time when we really got going by making our way down towards the coliseum.  Sadly it was too late to go inside, but the mere sight of the ruins are an amazing sight.  Having been inside before I was not as upset, but I knew my family would have enjoyed being able to walk around inside and view the amazing piece of architecture.

Next, my sister Catherine and I decided to split from my parents (they just don’t walk as fast) and make our own rout back to the apartment.  With plans to hit the Trevi Fountain, Spanish steps, pantheon, and others we knew we had to get a move on.  These are all places I knew I wanted to see again, because after all…when in Rome, do as the tourists do.  If you ever travel to Roma you have to stop by the Trevi Fountain and toss a coin over your right shoulder, this will ensure your return to Rome in the future.  I gladly tossed one knowing that I will be back some day.

Catherine and I eventually met up with my parents along our rout and enjoyed the pleasant walk back though accent Rome.  I would love to go into more detail but I could spend pages and pages describing the amount of history and art around every corner in Rome.  Literally every street has something amazing to offer that we can only read about in books here in the States.  I can say that Rome is much different then Firenze.  Firenze is much more of a smaller walking city, while Rome is your typical big city.  Rome is filled with millions of people, cars, busses, and the daily lives of people living in a big city.  While it is not far from a Chicago or New York in those aspects, it blows both out of the water come history and traditions.  Rome does have the typical big city dirtiness around at times, but if you stick to the tourist spots you will appreciate the beauty.

In all seriousness, if you have the opportunity to visit Roma then take advantage.  It is one of those cities on this plant that the second you lay your eyes upon it you know it is special.  There are not many like it, and sadly, most of the amazement that it has to offer will not be around forever.

Now for a quick stop in Philly.