vegas for a few days

Over the weekend / beginning of the week I got the opportunity to spend a few days in Vegas. Below are some of the highlights to check out if you are ever in Sin City.

// work in progress //
cool co-working space near downtown vegas

// Hoover Dam //
inside & outside

// Boulder City //
quaint small town just outside of the Hoover Dam area.
great thrift shopping and antique shopping.

// Container Park //
the brain child of Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, Container Park is a new and trendy playground full of art, food, and new aged culture. read about Downtown Container Park, and Tony Hsieh on WIRED.

Oh, and there is also gambling. Everywhere. I would suggest the $5 tables of Pie Gow Poker. What is Pie Gow exactly? I still have no idea, but I won $47!

And then lost $100 the next day at the blackjack table…

Happy traveling,