March 6, 2014 By Archives, Tech

Get $10 off your first oder

The on demand marketplace is blowing up these days, and the most recent industry to be taken over is the dry cleaning industry. Chicago based tech start-up Dryv, launched in January of 2013. Dryv allows users to call for a pickup of their dry cleaning, and 36 hours later, it’s ready to be returned. All according to your schedule and location.


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iPhone App Download

How It Works

1. Download the app in the iTunes store & create an account (use code 15MGV for $10 off)
2. Submit an order within the app
3. A Dryver will arrive at your location within the hour, and pickup your order
4. When the order has been cleaned, you will be notified, and you will set a drop off point.

How Much It Costs

The costs are very similar to those of a regular dry cleaners, but the bonus of the on-demand service blows the typical mom and pop competition out of the water. There is no additional fee for the on-demand service. For a complete list of prices, check out Dryv Pricing.