My week in Santiago has come to an end. It was a very long week that has left we very tired, and anxious to return. I spent Thursday and Friday traveling around the city, which became pretty easy after just a few days. I saw the presidential palace, Plasa de Armas, Santa Lucia, San Cristobol Hill, el Mercado de central, and many more.

Thursday and Friday night we went out for nice dinners where I had amazing food both nights. Thursday I had a great steak, and Friday I had the best salmon I have ever had.Being in Santiago I had to try the seafood at least once before I left. During the day Friday we went to a fish market, and got to watch the pools being selected for the world cup in 2010 which was a site to see. The Chileans seemed to be pleased with the pool they are in.

Thursday night was the night we went to a Club, and that was another experience. We met some really cool people from Buenos Aires, which we hope to meet up with when we get there next week. The club played some Stevie Wonder right off the bat so I was very excited to hear some American music, especially some Stevie. The club wasn’t really going until about 2am but after that it was great. We ended up back at the hotel at 5, and after some hanging around made it to bed around 6.

We just arrived to Valparaiso, Chile and if you don’t know about it just google it. I wish I could write more, but my friend just handed me a Cuban cigar, and told me its time for dinner. After all, it is 10pm here.

Next stop. Buenos Aires.