CHILE: long weekend

December 8, 2009 By Archives, Travel

Saturday night in Valparaiso started off with another nice dinner. It seems every night in South America I have a good dinner. After dinner, it was back to the hotel before the night really got started. We went to a club by our hotel called Stingray, and it was quite an experience. When I first walked in, it looked like your typical bar/club, but when I finally reached the dance floor it was crazy. It was about 1000 people jumping around to reggaton music, going crazy. The place looked like an abandoned warehouse, and was extremely hot. I finally got home around four and went straight to bed.

Sunday began with a tour of Valparaiso, which was very cool. We visited an outdoor art museum, the shipyard, and some markets. After the tour I had a nice run up and down the coast, before I hit the beach with the others. We were told that the water would be very cold, but I guess that was not warning enough. I ran in the ocean with a few of the guys, and immediately ran back to shore. After falling asleep on the beach I headed back to the hotel, and then had dinner with everyone to celebrate one of our professors birthday.

Monday we left Chile for Buenos Aries, and arrived at our hotel around five. We spent some time walking around, and exploring the city. With Tuesday being a national holiday here in Buenos Aires, we were told the night was going to be a very busy one.The way things work down here, is that you don’t start going out at night until 2am.You eat dinner around 11, have a few drinks after and then go out. We couldn’t wait until two, so we decided to leave the hotel around one. We got to this club, that looked like a mansion and went right in. The cover was around $15, but well worth it.The place was crazy inside. The dance floor was a huge circle in the middle, surrounded by a higher level with bars surrounding. Around 2:30 the club really started to get packed, and it was impossible to move. You could not even turn around without bumping into someone. There were literally thousands of people going crazy. As the night went on it seemed like the music was getting louder and louder. I don’t think I have ever herd music played that loudly. When we went outside to leave, the sun was beginning to come up. After a cab ride back to the hotel, I finally passed out at 6:15.It was a very wild and crazy night in BA.

Today was another city tour, which was amazing. Buenos Aires is a lot like Chicago in that it has a lot of neighborhoods that shape it. We visited about five of them today, but the most interesting one was Boca. This neighborhood is known as the “birthplace” of The Tango. After the tour I spent some time exploring on my own, and now im back in the Hotel. Its been a long and crazy weekend, but it was a fun one.

Buenos Noches from BA.