ARGENTINA: the final days

December 17, 2009 By Archives, Travel

It’s 9:40pm Chicago time and we are flying at 35,000 feet somewhere over Peru right now. I just finished watching the movie funny people and thought I could use up the rest of my computer battery writing my last blog for the trip. The last few days of the trip were great. Monday we went to visit a well-known dairy company here in South America and got a chance to tour a plant where milk and other products are produced.When the tour was over we all got to try a few of the products. My favorite was the milk mixed with juice drink they have down here. I’ll admit it did not sound like a very appetizing drink, but when I tried it I loved it.

Monday night was one of the coolest experiences on the trip so far. We went to this club/warehouse building to watch a drum show. The drum show was similar to blue man group but less blue, more drumming and more crazy. There were about 15 people in this group and they were positioned like a drum line, and played for about two hours. People were going nuts for these guys, and rightfully so. The show was amazing, and was a lot of fun. There were thousands of people there, and at one point I took part in the mosh pit in the front, which was an experience in itself. The show which was called La Bamba, happens every Monday night, and is a must see if you are ever in BA.

Tuesday was a long day. We had the opportunity to listen to a presentation by a CEO of a micro market company down here in Argentina. The CEO who actually studied at DePaul for his masters, makes customized washing machine parts. It might sound a little boring, but it was actually a very interesting presentation. That afternoon we had the chance to visit with some mothers of La Plaza de Mayo. I mentioned the mothers in a previous blog so I don’t want to beat the facts to death. Unfortunately for us we were not able to talk with any mothers because they were testifying in court against some accused military for their actions during the dictatorship, and at the concentration camps. Instead of a mother talking to us we had a really nice discussion with the father of a missing son. It was a very moving experience listening to his story, and how life was like during the dictatorship.

That night we had a farewell dinner with the whole group at a very nice restaurant.The food was great, like always and I had the please of eating some interesting food for the first time. I got to try some brain, which didn’t really taste all that bad. After a long dinner it was time to start the last night in BA. Even with it being a Tuesday night we had no trouble finding a spot to go out. I’ve learned very quickly that in BA there is always a party going on somewhere. We went to a club called Kika that was suggested by a good friend of mine that has been studying abroad in BA since June.She met me and the group there and we had a great time. It was another very long night, that eventually led into the morning. Check out from the hotel was at noon, and I made it up just in time to shower and finish some packing. During the day I just walked around the city for one final time, and met up with my friend for some food at a café. As it was almost time to leave I spent my last 15 pesos on a beer, and said goodbye to my friend and they city of Buenos Aires.

Looking back at the trip I am amazed at how much I got to do in such a short period of time. I was only gone for two and a half weeks, but it felt like two months. Every day I was doing something new and exciting, and the days just got better and better as the trio went on. It was great to meet everyone on this trip and become close with them these past few weeks. Discovering South America has been experience I will never forget. It has reminded me of how exciting traveling is. You learn so much about yourself, and the culture that you visit, its crazy to think that you can’t have fun traveling. It’s like an addiction really. When you visit a new place you just want more and more, which is now happening with me. I have already been thinking about Peru, Brazil, New Zeeland is always on my mind and the list goes on and on. The great thing is I have time on my side. Being only 20 years old I know I will get to all these places.The hard part about it is waiting for the time to come. Having the patience to actually work and save money towards a trip. This trip has helped me rediscover my passion for travel, and learning about other worlds from a point of view that cannot be taught in a class room, or in a book. The knowledge you learn from first hand experiences is miles apart from anything else. Once you step foot outside your respective country, or even out of your comfort zone you will understand that.

Enough of my preaching. It’s sad to have the trip end, but I am very grateful for how it turned out, and how I took advantage of every hour. It seems like I have been running around for three weeks straight with no sleep. It’s a great feeling. I know when I get home I will probably sleep for two days straight, but it is two days I desperately need at this point. I can’t wait to go back to South America and explore even more of the continent. South America brought more stamps on the passport, and countless memories I will never forget.


Until my next travel.