ARGENTINA: la boca loca

December 13, 2009 By Archives, Travel

We all knew this weekend was going to be a crazy one because we had it all free to do whatever we wanted, not to mention it was the birthday weekend of a good friend of mine on the trip. Friday night we all went out for a nice birthday dinner at a steak place that was decorated floor to sealing with football jerseys, and memorabilia. The food was great, I along with everyone else had steak. I’m pretty sure after this trip I will never want to eat steak again, but until I get sick of it, ill keep eating it. After dinner it was off to a bar to continue the celebration, and we finished the night at a BA club. The night did have some drama when a few friends and I took what we thought to be a cab home, but ended up being just a random guy posing as a cab driver. He tried to charge us an arm and a leg for a very inexpensive ride and we were not pleased. After some intense arguing we were able to get out of the expensive fair.

I had a long nights sleep that led into the afternoon and it was back to the neighborhood of La Boca to finish up some Christmas shopping. Saturday night seemed to be the typical night in BA. Dinner at 10, pre-game until about two in the morning, and then out to the club. The club we went to this night, called museum, was by far the best club experience we have had thus far. We arrived there to a very long line, but with the help of our friends who were on the Chilean rowing them we were able to get ourselves past the line. Long story short some of the girls on the trip made friends with the Chilean rowing team on our flight from Santiago to BA. The club was a three story massive room, with balconies surrounding the main floor. It was not as packed as Pancha, but didn’t have that many tourist like Asia de Cuba so it was perfect. After a while there it was finally time to call it a night, and when I walked outside the sun had already come up. We made it back to the hotel, and I got to bed around 6:45. It was a great night.

Sunday was the Boca game. It was Boca vs. Banfield. After a very long night I managed to get up with enough time to grab some food before the bus left for the game at 2:30. We got to the game about an hour and a half early and the opposing teams fans had already filled their section of the stadium. If you know nothing about football (soccer) in other parts of the world, just know that it is crazy. It is literally a religion to people around the world, and they will die for it. There was a barbed wire fence that separated their fans from Boca fans. What happens before games, and during is the fans from each team have songs, and chants that they sing as loud as they can.They scream as loud as they can for literally the entire game. Boca fans brought huge drums to keep beat, and huge banners and flags that draped across the stands during the beginning of the game. We had to take part in spreading the flags out, and waving them around, it was a very cool experience. Fans also threw thousands of streamers onto the field before the game. When the Boca players ran onto the field it looked like it was raining blue and gold, it was really a cool sight. The game finally started after a delay from the amount of streamers on the field, and the intensity of the game was felt immediately. There was a penalty kick five minutes into the game, and Boca capitalized taking a 1-0 lead. The first half went back and forth, but in the second Boca added another goal making it two, nil. As the screaming of the fans went on the game ended with Boca winning 2-0. The game was a great experience, and I finally saw for myself just what football is like outside of the States. The ticket was very expensive but it was worth every penny. It is safe to say I am now a Boca Juniors fan.

After the game I caved in for the second time this trip and went to McDonalds with a few of my friends. I figured at this point in the trip, having very little funds it was a must. After an exhausting day there was no way I would make it out to the bars tonight, with an early morning ahead of me tomorrow. Looking back at the weekend it was one of the best, and I just hope I never forget anything that happened. With just a few days left here in South America I am beginning to plan my return trip.There is so much more I want to do here, and two and a half weeks here is just not enough time. I could really see myself living in a city like Buenos Aires, it’s a lot like New York just on a much bigger scale. Anyway, I don’t want to talk anymore about leaving, it will make me upset.


Until next time.