Joe Anhlat

photo by john philp.

Hello, my name is Joe.

I’m currently based in Chicago, working at the digitally-native, vertically integrated furniture brand, Interior Define. Additionally, I always have a side hustle or two — currently, they are General Assembly, The Tailored View, and my long-form improv group, Delorean.

Other interests include traveling, photography, design, startups, basketball, and comedy.

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I like to take photos

My photo journal features my travels and other things I think look cool. I call it a photo journal to make it sound like I know what I am doing. I do not know what I am doing.

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Contact me

I use electronic messaging the most. [email protected] >


I’m also on the social medias pouring my heart out for likes and follows. I post photos of my travels on Instagram. I tweet about startups, design, and funny things on Twitter. I post my work experience and relevant professional things on LinkedIn, and I even have a Facebook.



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